“Whatever good things we build end up building us.”
—Jim Rohn

Nothing lasts forever.
It's a sentiment we're taught from an early age, a maxim that grows to become a belief, a belief many times proven to be fact.
Change is never-ending, the world does not stop, life does not stop, and change comes for us all. It is with a feeling of joy, a great amount of pride, and a greater sense of sadness that I announce my retirement.

While all things change, not all changes are for the worst. In the years that I've been fortunate enough to steward The Archive, I've overseen a multitude of positive changes. I've been amazed to watch how the community has grown, and awed by how the community has evolved. I've seen everyone band together to drastically improve inclusivity. I've learned hard lessons, and passed those lessons on to an amazing group of staff members, a group who are among the most professional currently working in the community at large. Above all else, I've seen the unbridled determination of our community, from the newest members to the most grizzled legends, and how their tenacity has made this community the best It can be.

Throughout all the struggles, all the times The Archive came close to death, we never lost sight of the deep and passionate love that this community holds for RPGs. You guys are simply incredible. I want you to know that, and to know that you are what kept us fighting, you are why the doors never shuttered for good.
I spent years pouring my heart into The Archive, working 80+ hour weeks when needed. During this, The Archive has thrived and grown; and my life has grown along side it. And the demands on my time has inevitably shifted my focus. While I still love this place to death, I can no longer make the commitments that The Archive requires, and deserves. So, it is time to hand the reigns over to those who can.

I have worked closely with all of our Staff to make sure the Archive will live on. They are more capable, and far better equipped, to handle whatever comes their way than I ever was. They have my every confidence, and with all of you behind them, there's no end to what they can accomplish. They will manage the Archive proper under a new name: The Trove.

I leave you with the hope that my time here has left an impact on your lives. And with the knowledge that this experience has completely changed my life, and that in fact, is something that will last forever.
So long, and thanks for all the fish.

Much love,